Sago PalmThe Sago palm tree can be found in any country on our planet. The cycas is one of the easiest plants to grow that’s why it is one of the most popular landscape plants. You can see the Cycas Revoluta in almost all subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. The spesies of Cycads can live extremely long more that 200 years.

The Sago is one of the most popular Florida palm trees.

Additional Information:

Scientific name: Cycas Revoluta

Family: Cycadaceae

Genus: Cycas

Origin: It is originated from Japan.

Growth rate: Very slow

Trunk: Young species have subterranean trunks. As they grow they slowly form a sturdy, rough trunk. The Sago palm can reach 20 feet in height, but it will take 80-120 years. The trunk can branch multiple times. 

Leaves: The feathery, dark green leaves can reach 4 feet in length.

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Both

Maintenance: Low

Light exposure: The Sago palm grows well in full sun or light shade.

Water requirements: Moderate

Drought toleration: It is drought tolerant.

Cold toleration: The Cycad is cold tolerant, can survive freezing temperatures.

Flowers: The Sago palms are dioecious, having both females and males. You can’t distinguish females and males at early age.

It takes about 15 years for this plant to start to bloom. Females produce a big tan-yellow flower, and males form a gold corn. When it is time to pollinate the female flower will slowly open up. When it is pollinated, the female flower closes.

The pollination is done by insects or by wind. Also it can be done artificially by man.

Fruits: They are yellow, walnut-sized. They become orange red when ripe.

Propagation: It is propagated by seeds. Females produce seeds during the summer. The seeds  germinate in 4-8 months.

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