When you think about Florida, several things come to your mind: summer, vacation, sun, amazing beaches with white sand, blue sky and of course beautiful palm trees. It is difficult to imagine Florida without palm trees. They are everywhere here. The delightful trees remain a popular symbol for warm tropical Florida.

coconuts_trees_tree_221641_l2Warm humid climate makes the Sunshine state is the best place to grow these exotic tropical plants. The temperature rarely goes below freezing. The trees grow well in hot humid summer with a lot of rains and the soil of Florida is ideal for palms.

Believe it or not, there are over 2500 different species of palms. Almost all of them can be grown here. They are so different! I live in Florida, and it is amazing to me how many different species exist. I enjoy seeing them every day along streets and coasts, in shopping malls entrances and restaurants, in botanical gardens and theme parks. They are gorgeous and beautiful landscape plants, and I can never have enough them. If i had to move out from the Sunshine State, I would miss my favorite trees.

Like I said before they are very different. The lovely landscaping plants can have different leaf formations. They can have palmate or pinnate leaves. Palmate (fan-shaped) leaves resemble a human hand with outstretched fingers. Pinnate (feather-shaped) leaves appear similar to a feather. Also some of them have costapalmate leaves whose shape is a hybrid between feathers and fans. And some of plants look like palms, but they are not really palm trees.

Another interesting characteristic of these plants is that they can grow solitary or in clusters. The palms can be self-cleaning (the leaves fall off cleanly) and not self-cleaning (the leaves stay on the trunk of the palm after they dry).

Here at www.floridapalmtrees.net, you will find information about the most popular Florida palm trees which are common to the Sunshine State.

I have tried to include general information, scientific and common name on every palm and will update with lots of pictures. Also every page contains information about main features of every species such as size, shape of leaves, description and color of trunk, flowers and fruits. And of course, you can read on this website information how to use and maintain the popular landscaping plants. Last but not least you can enjoy beautiful Florida Palm Trees Pictures.

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Common Florida Palm Trees Include:

Alexander Palm Areca Palm Bamboo Palm Bismarck Palm
Bottle Palm California Fan Palm Canary Island Palm Cardboard Palm
Carpentaria Palm Chinese Fan Palm Coconut Palm Cuban Petticoat Palm
Date Palm Fishtail Palm Foxtail Palm Kentia Palm
Lady Palm Majesty Palm Mangrove Palm Mediterranean Palm
Mexican Fan Palm Needle Palm Paurotis Palm Pindo Palm
Princess Palm Pygmy Date Palm Queen Palm Royal Palm
Sabal Lisa Sabal Palm Sago Palm Tree Saw Palmetto
Silver Thatch Palm Travelers Palm Triangle Palm Windmill Palm